Description: They are very small with light colored bodies. They leave a sticky residue on the leaves.

Treatment: Remove damaged leaves, wash plant leaves with warm water for a week then spray an insecticidal soap onto leaves. 


Description: Most kinds of caterpillar are considered plant pests and will eat the leaves.

Treatment: Pick off by hand. 


Description: Small dark colored insects with beetle like bodies.

Treatment:  Pick off by hand if you can catch them. Remove any organic debris from the base of the plant. Set out roach traps. 


Description: Small worm type insects that curl up into a ring shape. They eat through plant roots and topple the plant.

Treatment: Not too common in hydroponics - if found, spray with insecticide. 

European Corn Borers

Description: Small, 1 inch long caterpillars who bore into plant stems and eat them from the inside out.

Treatment: Spray with insecticide.

Fungus Gnats

Description: The hatched offspring of tiny black flies. The maggot offspring attack plant roots.

Treatment:  Discard any damaged plants, spray with insecticide. Not too common in a hydroponics garden.

Leaf Hoppers

Description: Small, 1/8 inch long, wedge shaped insects that suck the sap through the plant leaves.

Treatment: Pick off by hand and apply insecticide if needed.  


Description: Small bugs create white, powdery masses on leaf stem joints.

Treatment: Scrape off and spray with insecticide. 

Root Maggots

Description: Fly larvae that hatch at the base of the plants and eat the roots.

Treatment:  Not too common in hydroponics gardens. If found, spray with insecticide. 


Description: Tiny waxy growths on the underside of leaves and on stems.

Treatment: Scrape off and isolate plant, if possible. Wash leaves with warm soapy water and apply insecticide if needed. 

Striped Cucumber Beetle

Description: Small, very destructive, striped back beetles 1/4 inch long. As adults, these plant pests eat leaves, and as larvae eat roots.

Treatment: Use insecticidal soap. 

Tarnished Plant Bugs

Description: Small beetles about 1/4 inch long with tarnish-like markings on it's back. They inject plants with a substance that deforms leaf tips and stem joining.

Treatment:  Clean off all nearby organic debris and spray with insecticide. 

White Flies

Description: Tiny, white flying bugs

Treatment: Very resilient. Spray with insecticide or something stronger. Also spray all surrounding plants. 

Colorado Potato Beetle

Description: Inch long striped beetles and their larvae will eat everything on a plant.

Treatment: Pick off by hand and optionally, spray with insecticide. 


Description: Small dark brown centipede-like insects with a pincer tail.

Treatment:  Pick off by hand (they usually come out at night). 

Imported Cabbage Worm

Description: Small velvety green caterpillars that eat plant leaves.

Treatment: Spray with insecticidal soap. 

Mexican Bean Beetle

Description: Small, 1/2 inch beetles will eat roots and leaves, leaving only the veins.

Treatment: Wash with soap.  

Spider Mites

Description: Red, yellow or green microscopic bugs forming cobwebs.

Treatment:  Isolate plant if you can, wash leaves with warm, soapy water and spray with insecticide. 


Description: Very small and slender bugs leaving dark blobs on the leaves.

Treatment: Remove bugs by hand, wash leaves with water and spray insecticide.